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Dr. Baotong Gu

Dr. Gu's research interests lie at the intersection of several different areas: technology theories, writing technology development, technology transfer, digital literacy, cross cultural communication, content management, etc. Over the years, his research activities have largely been committed to bringing together his interests in these areas to form a more concerted research orientation toward critical examinations of the relationships between writing technologies on the one hand and writing behaviors, cultures, and ideologies on the other, both in the field of writing in general and in the discipline of technical communication in particular. Although many scholars in the field of technical communication are conducting research in technology-related areas, Dr Gu's research interests focus more on the impact of cultural contexts on the development of writing technologies.

Dr. Gu has taught various courses at both the graduate and undergraduate levels, including technical writing, professional writing, electronic writing and publishing, business writing, technical editing, grant and proposal writing, and writing in organizations.

Selected Publications:

(In Press). From Oracle Bones to Computers: The Emergence of Writing Technologies in China. West Lafayette, IN: Parlor Press.

(With George Pullman, Eds.). (2008). Content Management: Implications for Technical Communicators (Special Issue for Technical Communication Quarterly, 17, 1).

(With George Pullman, Eds.). Content Management: Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice. (In Press.)

(With C. Chang & S. Wang, Eds. & Trans.) (1998). Contemporary Western Rhetoric: Critical Methods and Paradigms. Beijing, China: China Social Sciences Academy Press.

(With C. Chang & S. Wang, Eds. & Trans.). (1998). Contemporary Western Rhetoric: Speech and Discourse Criticism. Beijing, China: China Social Sciences Academy Press.

Baotong Gu
Ph.D., Purdue University, 2000
Associate Professor
Director of Lower Division Studies
Professional and Technical Writing, Rhetoric and Composition, Technology Theories

Contact Information
Baotong Gu
Department of English
P.O. Box 3970
Atlanta, GA 30302-3970
Tel: 404.413.5845
Fax: 404.413.5830
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