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Undergraduate Programs

The Department of English is concerned with the study of language and literature and with the craft of writing-endeavors considered integral to education since ancient times. Although the department concentrates on texts written in English by authors from Great Britain and the United States, it also examines translations of texts from other languages as well as newly emerging literatures in English from other cultural perspectives. Students may also encounter practices that are not, strictly speaking, "writing" at all, such as oral compositions, hypertexts, and folk art.

All students in the university take courses in the fundamentals of college-level writing and in the reasoned analysis of texts at the freshman level. Other English courses that form part of the core curriculum provide students with opportunities to study topics in world literature or surveys of British and American literature. English majors may concentrate in one of four areas: literature, advanced composition and rhetoric, creative writing, and secondary English. Before choosing their concentrations, all students have the opportunity to gain a broad foundation in English and American literature at the sophomore level. Then, with the help of their advisers, majors choose upper-division courses that allow them to pursue their interests in more depth. Finally, students can engage in advanced study within their chosen concentrations in seminars designed as capstones for the major.

On successfully completing their studies, English majors will have acquired a sensitivity to the written word and an appreciation for the creative process. They will have developed their skills in organization, writing, and interpretation. English courses offer students the opportunity to discover their own insights and be able to articulate them with precision.

Majors who concentrate in literature take a range of courses that will afford them opportunities to read poetry, prose, and drama from a variety of historical periods and cultural groups. These literature courses seek to promote students' verbal acuity and abilities at thoughtful evaluation. 

Areas of Study

The Department offers a choice of five concentrations for the B.A. in English: Literary Studies; Rhetoric and Composition; Creative Writing; Secondary English; and British and American Cultures, a joint studies/exchange program offered with the University of Northumbria-Newcastle in the UK.

Also, the Department is home to the Writing Across the Curriculum Program.

Undergraduate Majors Booklet

Major Requirements and Available Courses:

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